During the upgrade of the website, the best place to find the recent results is through the club Facebook page - 



The 2021 club competition schedule can be found here

SATURDAY 18 hole competitions - You need to book your tee time online at

Comp fee’s will be structured as per below

1. Comp Fee and NTP Jackpot (All in one fee now) - $5.00

2. Comp Fee, NTP, 1 Club Raffle and 1 X R&B Raffle - $10.00

3. Comp Fee, NTP, 2 Club Raffle and 2 X R&B Raffle - $15.00

4. Comp Fee, NTP, 2 Club Raffle and 4 X R&B Raffle - $20.00

Please try to bring correct money to limit the handling of cash, and most all have fun and enjoy being able to have a beer and enjoy presentations again!!!


SUNDAY (Competitions) - To play you must book a tee spot with the proshop, and register your time online at


WEDNESDAY (Competitions) - First 7 groups for 9 and 18 hole comp, are saved for club, just register your tee time online at

All tee times outside the the first 7 groups (e.g. after 7:14 AM) need to be booked through the proshop and also registered online at

All social distancing rules apply as per normal

Do not remove the flagstick at any time

If in the bunker please do not rake just smooth over with your foot


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